When I retired several years ago I had to find a way to distribute the newsletter I had been writing and distributing through my employer.  The problem was there were about 4,000 subscribers and most email systems choke on those kinds of numbers.

GoDaddy set me up with Microsoft Outlook 365 and the problem was solved until Saturday August 13, 2016.  On that day Microsoft decided I was a spammer and abruptly stopped all outgoing email.  Disentangling myself from Outlook 365 took until the following Thursday morning and I lost all of the saved emails.  Now I can send no more than 250 emails a day. 

GoDaddy set me up with an email marketing program that would handle the numbers I am working with, but there is no manual, the program is defined in only broadest and most ambiguous terms and is very buggy.  When I pointed out the problems I had encountered they offered no help, terminated my access to the program and refunded my money (not by request). 

Since I am not selling anything all of the solutions to the distribution problem look too expensive.  

Safehaven.com has published these letters from nearly the beginning and, for the time being, I will continue to submit them for publication there.